Triangle Arts Association is a not-for-profit arts organization whose mission is to support emerging and mid-career international and national visual artists, encouraging dialogue and experimentation through workshops, residencies and exhibition opportunities.

The Artists Workshop is a two-week studio intensive for an international roster of 25-30 artists. Designed to maximize exchange, stimulate new ideas and foster experimentation and dialogue, the workshop is essentially a two-week art boot camp, where accommodations, meals and studio workspace are provided. Neither a colony nor a school, Triangle offers a unique occasion for artists to meet and exchange ideas, not simply through talking, but by making art side by side for a concentrated period in a self-contained location. Confronted by new ideas and new points of view, detached from familiar surroundings and entrenched habits, they often find the courage to deepen established lines of inquiry or to explore fresh possibilities. The workshop culminates in an Open Studios Day Exhibition. Studio spaces are designed to be open and in a communal setting therefore discussion with peers and visitors is considered an important part of the experience. The workshops are held every 2 years therefore the next workshop will take place in 2010.

The International and National Residency Program was created in 2003 to fulfill the need for more studio programs in New York City. Artists are provided with a free spacious studio ranging from 400-800 square feet. Each residency session includes Open Studio weekends with mailings and publicity and the possibility of a temporary exhibition. In addition, Triangle organizes visits from critics, curators and other art professionals.

Triangle Arts Association is part of the Triangle Network.